Here’s a video of me at Cream City Music featuring the Godin Doyle Dykes model Multiac guitar. People are asking me about these and I do know they will be available through the end of this year. It is a limited run and these are great guitars to have. For more information check the Godin site for dealers in your area. When these guitars run out they will not be available any longer. This also comes with the blessings of my current company Guild guitars as we are all guitar fans and love the opportunity to offer something uniquely special. Happy Picking!

Mike Huckabee Show

I met Governor Mike Huckabee years ago at the NAMM music trade show in California through my good friend Don Griffin from West L.A. Music. I noticed that he was a very friendly person and very approachable, especially to be who he was. My good friend and agent, Mike Robertson, had spoken with their staff about me going on his show on Fox and even then we were to set up a date, but then he decided to run for President once again, so he canceled his show for a time. (I actually voted for him.🎸)

Fast forward... My good friend, Jeff Carlisi, of 38 Special told me what a great guy Governor Huckabee was and that they were close friends, as they lived not far from each other in Florida. What a surprise! Governor Huckabee is a musician and enjoys being around other people who have a passion for music. The two of them and their wives went to Liverpool and actually found my brick in the wall of fame at the Cavern Club and they sent photos to me. When I got the email from Governor Huckabee, he mentioned his interest in having me on his show.

A few weeks ago I was at a hotel and his show was on the television. I asked the Lord if it was His will that I be on the show that He would open the door. Mike Robertson got the call a few days later and I was on the schedule. No matter what your were political views are, there are quality people on all sides. One thing we must remember is that we are Americans, and especially if you are a Christian, then we would agree also that Jesus is "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords." I played "How Great Thou Art," and the Governor played "Guitar Poor" with me. He’s a fine bass player and loads of fun to work with. I had a blast! He has a great band and what an amazing studio! It will be aired August 24 and 25th on TBN. Don’t miss this one!!!

**Photos courtesy of Trinity Broadcasting Network.


Grand Ole Opry - March 9th!


Doyle will be playing the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, March 9th! It’s a Special Night as he’ll have Sue Crews with him celebrating her 75th Birthday, the lady behind the White Rose for Heidi story (the story behind the white roses on his signature guitars).

He’ll also make an In-Store appearance at The Opry Shop after the show. (*Please Note: To participate in this post-show signing in The Opry Shop, you must have a voucher which can be obtained in The Opry Shop by showing your ticket to the night’s show and purchasing Doyle Dykes’ new CD, “Treasures of the Spirit” and book, “The Lights of Marfa”, from The Opry Shop. The number of vouchers is limited.). Get your tickets today at!